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Description: Investext contains research/analyst reports on companies and industries as well as the annual statistical reports of many industry trade associations. It delivers full-text reports in their original published formats, complete with charts, photographs and graphics.

Instructions for accessing:

* Click on the 'Search This Resource' link above.
* Click on the 'Screening & Analysis' link in the lower left corner of the screen.
* Type the name of the company in the Company Search box. For example Google (note you may be    asked to select company for a list.)
* If desired select date range for report using pull down menus. Click on the 'Search' button in the lower left. (Note that you will have to scroll down to see the list of reports.)
* Select the report you want to view, and click on the 'View' button. Or just click on the title of the report, and a new window will open.
* Select the report pages you want to view. (Note select all pages by clicking in the box next to the company name.)
* Click on the 'View' button. Another new window will open with the report in PDF format.
* Print or save the report PDF as desired and close the report window also close the 'report loading' window.
* Repeat as desired for other reports.
* When all reports have been read, printed, or downloaded log out of Investext by clicking on the 'doorway' link in the upper right of the screen.

Full text: yes
Access:  Off Campus Access is available for: UNC-Chapel Hill students, faculty, and staff; UNC Hospitals employees; UNC-Chapel Hill affiliated AHEC users.  (instructions)
Medium:  web
Coverage:  1996-present
Updated:  Weekly
Language:  English