African-American Studies

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The A.M.E. church review  Holdings: 07/01/2006 - 12/31/2006...     [info]

Africa (London. 1928) (at least 4 matches)

Africa Today (at least 5 matches)

African American Review (at least 9 matches)

African arts (at least 8 matches)

African business (at least 5 matches)

Afro-Hispanic Review  Holdings: Spring 1998 - Spring 2005...     [info]

Ahfad journal (at least 4 matches)

American visions (at least 10 matches)

Black American Literature Forum  Holdings: 1976 - 1991...     [info]

Black camera : the newsletter of the Black Film Center/Archives  Holdings: Spring 2001 - Summer 2006...     [info]

The Black collegian (New Orleans) (at least 7 matches)

Black Commentator  Holdings: April 2002 - present...     [info]

Black enterprise (at least 9 matches)

Black Grooves  Holdings: 2006 - present...     [info]

Black history bulletin (at least 5 matches)

Black issues book review (at least 7 matches)

Black issues in higher education (at least 9 matches)

The Black scholar (at least 5 matches)

Callaloo (at least 6 matches)

Caribbean quarterly (at least 2 matches)

Challenge (Atlanta, Ga.)  Holdings: Spring 2005 - Spring 2005...     [info]

Charleston Mercury (Charleston, S.C. : 1825)  Holdings: 11/01/1860 - 04/15/1865...     [info]

Chicago Tribune Historical Newspaper  Holdings: 1849 - 1989...     [info]

Christian Recorder (Philadelphia, Pa. : 1861)  Holdings: 1861 - 1882...     [info]

The Coloured American (New York, N.Y.)  Holdings: 03/04/1837 - 12/25/1841...     [info]

Crisis (New York, N.Y.) (at least 4 matches)

Ethnohistory (at least 5 matches)

Frederick Douglass' Paper  Holdings: 1851 - 1856...     [info]

Freedom's Journal (New York, N.Y. : 1827)  Holdings: 03/16/1827 - 03/28/1829...     [info]

The Griot (Houston, Tex.)  Holdings: Fall 1997 - present...     [info]

HealthQuest (at least 2 matches)

Howard law journal (at least 3 matches)

The International Journal of African Historical Studies (at least 4 matches)

The international journal of Africana studies : the journal of the National Council for Black Studies, Inc  Holdings: 12/01/1999 - Spring 2004...     [info]

The International review of African American art (at least 2 matches)

Journal of African American history (at least 5 matches)

Journal of African American men (at least 4 matches)

Journal of African American studies (New Brunswick, N.J.) (at least 2 matches)

Journal of American ethnic history (at least 6 matches)

Journal of black psychology  Holdings: 08/01/2004 - 05/30/2006...     [info]

Journal of Black Studies (at least 5 matches)

The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education (at least 2 matches)

Journal of health care for the poor and underserved (at least 2 matches)

Journal of multicultural counseling and development (at least 7 matches)

The Journal of Negro Education (at least 2 matches)

The Journal of Negro History (at least 4 matches)

The Journal of religious thought (at least 3 matches)

Journal of southern African studies (at least 3 matches)

Journal of the National Medical Association  Holdings: Apr. 2006 - present...     Note(s):  **Access temporarily limited to latest issues only**     [info]

Journal of West Indian literature  Holdings: 11/01/2006 - 11/30/2006...     [info]

The Langston Hughes review  Holdings: Spring 1997 - Spring 2001...     [info]

Latin American Research Review (at least 6 matches)

Melus (at least 7 matches)

Meridians (Middletown, Conn.) (at least 6 matches)

Michigan citizen (at least 2 matches)

National Black law journal  Holdings: 1997 - 2005...     [info]

National Era (Washington, D.C.)  Holdings: 01/07/1847 - 03/22/1860...     [info]

National political science review  Holdings: 2007 - present...     [info]

Negro American Literature Forum  Holdings: 1967 - 1976...     [info]

Negro educational review (at least 3 matches)

Negro history bulletin (at least 4 matches)

New African (London. 1978) (at least 5 matches)

New crisis (Baltimore, Md.) (at least 4 matches)

New York Herald (New York, N.Y. : 1840)  Holdings: 11/01/1860 - 04/15/1865...     [info]

North Star (at least 2 matches)

Obsidian II (at least 2 matches)

Obsidian III (at least 2 matches)

Provincial Freeman  Holdings: 03/24/1854 - 08/22/1857...     [info]

Research in African Literatures (at least 8 matches)

Review of African political economy  Holdings: 09/01/1997 - 12/01/2000...     [info]

Review of Black political economy (at least 6 matches)

Richmond Enquirer (Richmond, Va. : 1815 : Semiweekly)  Holdings: 11/01/1860 - 04/15/1865...     [info]

Savoy (New York, N.Y.) (at least 2 matches)

Transition  Holdings: 1961 - 1999...     [info]

The Western journal of black studies (at least 4 matches)

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