Middle Eastern/Muslim Civilizations

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Recommended sites for Middle Eastern/Muslim Civilizations:

Al Jazeera - [info]

Al-Islam.org, Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project (DILP) - [info]

Books For Understanding, September 11,2001 -- Islamic Thought and Culture (AAUP) - [info]

BUBL LINK Catalogue of Internet Resources -- Islam - [info]

History in the News: The Middle East - [info]

Holy Qur'an - [info]

Internet Islamic History Sourcebook - [info]

Internet Sacred Text Archive--Islam - [info]

Islamic Studies -- Academic Info - [info]

Islamic Studies, Islam, Arabic, and Religion (Univ. of Georgia) - [info]

Middle East Institute - [info]

Middle East Studies-- Internet Resources - [info]

Middle Eastern and North African Studies -- Academic Info - [info]

Talk Islam - [info]

Travelers in the Middle East Archive - [info]

Virtual Religion Index -- Islamic Tradition - [info]

Voice of the Shuttle--Islam - [info]

West Bank and East Jerusalem Archaeological Database Project - [info]

Yamli.com - [info]